Corduzin - 6 Month Supply

Pacific Health, Inc.

COR-001 - 4-1-1
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About Corduzin:
Corduzin's superior formula provides key ingredients CoQ10, ALA and Fenugreek
Take two tablets daily, with a small meal.
Additional Information:
Designed to support increased energy levels and promote circulatory and heart health*.
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Corduzin was developed to help increase energy levels and promote circulatory and heart health.* Corduzin provides your body with several high-value ingredients to promote heart and circulatory health.* Corduzin also contains the same amount of caffeine as a small cup of green tea, providing your body with a healthy boost of energy.* 

  • Supports improved ciruclatory health*
  • May Improve red blood cell count*
  • Has helped people of all age and activity levels
Count: 60
Serving size: 2 tablet
Servings per container: 30