Gregory Jones - Looking at the Finer Prints in Life


Gregory Jones

Augusta, GA

"When I reached my 40’s I noticed a slight decline in my vision. I found myself asking questions such as; 'Why does this print look blurry?' One day I saw an ad in AOPA for Claroxan and decided to try it. I was surprised.

My right eye is weaker than my left eye and before taking Claroxan my Snellen Chart reading was 20/40 unaided. Now, when I am well rested, I am reading at 20/25.* Another thing I have noticed since starting Claroxan is that my glasses were coming out of focus and blurry.* It was because my vision had improved so much that I had to get my prescription reduced to use them. Also, I have been able to clearly read the small print on my Motorola Xoom, which was not the case before I started my daily Claroxan regimen.*”