Jim Jamison - The Gun Fitter Knows Quality When He Sees It


Jim Jamison

Denver, CO

“A few years ago, I started to experience difficulty seeing objects in the 25 to 45 yard range. It quickly developed into a major vision problem. Within weeks of starting the Claroxan regimen, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my visual clarity, crispness and depth perception.* Claroxan allows me to continue competing at a high level. I drive all around the country to attend shooting competitions. I put over 20,000 miles a year on my vehicle. I was starting to worry about driving at night, especially at dusk. Road signs were becoming very hard to read. Not long after starting on Claroxan, my night vision returned, and I now drive at night with total confidence.* After I fit a gun for a customer, I recommend Claroxan to them for an extra boost in their accuracy. Not only has it helped me get back to top form on the range, it has helped me feel much safer behind the wheel at night. It’s a perfect fit for my vision health.*”